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Recent Cases

Prolonged Police Interview Ruled Inadmissible
HMA v Jake Hawkins 2017 Mr Hawkins has successfully argued that his police interview should not be admissible in evidence in his rape trial at the High Court. This was because the interview which lasted almost one and a half hours, the judge agreed was...
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Sex Offenders Register Appeal Refused
PF v Garry McNair 2015 Mr McNair failed in his appeal not to be placed on the Sex Offenders Register. Mr McNair pled guilty at Dundee Sheriff Court to the charge of public indecency after he had an oral sex act performed on him on a public bus. He was sentenced to five...
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Recovery of Psychiatric Report Petition Refused
PF v DM 2015 DM, an accused, was refused by the Criminal Appeal Court to petition the recovery of a psychiatric report of his wife so that he could use this in his own defence. This report was prepared for a separate matter two years prior, but DM’s legal team argued it...
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Misdirection to the Jury Appeal Refused
HMA v Basharat Khan 2020 Mr Khan has had his bid to appeal against his conviction refused at the High Court. The appellant argued that the judge presented a misdirection to the jury which caused him to be wrongly convicted of the offence of rape. This alleged...
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Amended Charge During Trial Appeal Refused
HMA v Christopher McCormick 2019 Mr McCormick has had his appeal against conviction rejected after being found guilty of being in possession of an offensive weapon, namely a machete. The offence took place in October 2018 when it was reported that Mr McCormick was...
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Miscarriage of Justice Appeal Refused
HMA v Syeda Begum 2020 Ms Begum who appealed against her conviction after being found guilty of assaulting a young baby in April 2019 has had her appeal refused at the High Court who concluded there was no miscarriage of justice. The child was left with a brain bleed...
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Appeal Decision to Allow Evidence Refused
HMA v RM 2020 An appellant, RM, has had his appeal against a sheriff’s decision not to allow him to lead certain evidence refused. The man who was charged with sexual offences against his partner and son sought to allow his defence team to lead evidence at trial that...
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Covid-19 Bail Appeal Refused
HMA v JD and BK 2020 Two men have made a bid to the Appeal court to reverse the decision to refuse them bail in light of the current COVID 19 Pandemic. The men have both had their appeal against the refusal of bail refused at the High Court. Both men were remanded after...
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High Court Appeal Against Sentence Allowed
HMA v PGT 2020 An appellant, PGT, had successfully appealed his sentence but failed in his bid to quash his conviction at the High Court of Judiciary. PGT was found guilty of three sexual offences, two against his teenage nephew and one against his wife. The appellant was...
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‘ Miscarriage of Justice’ Appeal Against Conviction Refused
HMA v Gursel Duzgun Mr Duzgun has his appeal against conviction refused after he claimed he was a victim of a miscarriage of justice because she stated he was suffering a mental disorder at the time of the offence and his solicitor did not investigate this. The appellant...
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