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Recent Cases

Judicial Review Petition Refused
PETITION OF AB, 2020 AB, a convicted sex offender, has had his Judicial review petition refused at the Outer House at the Court of Session. The man was found guilty of six sexual offences in relation to his stepchildren in 2011.  He sought to challenge the condition...
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Quashed Culpable Homicide Conviction
HMA v Weir McKay 2020 The Appeal Court in Edinburgh has quashed a culpable homicide conviction and replaced it with one of assault. Mr McKay was convicted by culpable homicide alongside his co accuse who was convicted of murder. The appellant was sentenced after trial...
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Assault Against Baby: Conviction Appeal Refused
HMA v SI 2020 SI, an appellant, has had his appeal against conviction refused. SI was convicted of assaulting his daughter, who was a baby at the time. The incident took place in 2017. The appellant argued that the injuries to the child could have been caused by someone...
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Successful Appeal Against Murder Sentence
HMA v LIAM HAY 2020 Mr Hay who was convicted of murder, has had a successful appeal against sentence. Mr Hay was sentenced to life imprisonment with a punishment element of 19 years. This was reduced by one year for the guilty plea. This has been reduced on appeal after...
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Breach Of Human Right Appeal Refused
Mr Sutherland has his appeal at the UK Supreme Court rejected. This case revolved around the legality of ‘paedophile hunter’ groups. In Mr Sutherland’s case an adult who was part of a paedophile hunter group sends him a message posing as a 13-year-old child....
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Crown Appeal Against Absolute Discharge
An appeal lodged by the Crown following the granting of an absolute discharge has been upheld. The Sheriff Appeal Court heard that Eleanor McTaggart, was found guilty of the theft of £207.86, being the value of fencing delivered to and erected at her home address. The...
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Convicted Killer Sentenced To 4 Years For Armed Robbery
Sean McLaughlin, 38 a convicted killer has plead guilty to the armed robbery of 2 convenience shops less than 2 months after being released early from prison. Mr McLaughlin who was under the influence of valium and alcohol stole a charity tin from one shop and...
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Conviction Quashed
Weir McKay 45, who was convicted in 2019 of the culpable homicide of Karen Young and sentended to 14 years inprisonment has had his conviction quashed. The Criminal Appeal Court has ruled that the evidence before the jury in the original trial was not sufficient to...
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Man Jailed For Life
Frank Mayne, 56 has been sentenced to life inprisonment by the High Court in Edinburgh. Mr Mayne maintained his innocence to a catalague of offences against women and young girls but was found guilty of all 15 charges of rape, indecent assault, assault and indecent...
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Decision to Increase Speeding Offence Financial Penalty Successfully Appealed
PF v Michael Saini 2017 Mr Saini has successfully appealed a decision to increase the financial penalty imposed on his after he pled guilty to a speeding offence at the earliest opportunity to do so. Mr Saini appealed to the High Court after the Sheriff Appeal Court...
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