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Recent Cases

No Mutual Corroboration Appeal Refused
HMA v CG 2019 CG, an appellant who argued there was no mutual corroboration in his trial at Dundee sheriff court where he was found guilty of sexually assaulting his niece and nephew, has had his appeal against conviction refused at the Sheriff Appeal Court. In essence...
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Sex Offender Register Appeal Refused
HMA v Paul McFayden 2019 Mr McFadyen has had his appeal against a Sheriff’s decision to place him on the sex offender register refused. The appellant was found guilty of a statutory breach of the peace against two teenage girls but argued that the offence did not have a...
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Threatening and Abusive Behaviour Case Dismissed
PF v Jonathan Kelly 2019 Mr Kelly who appealed the Crowns decision to prosecute him for threatening and abusive behaviour to the Sheriff Appeal Court has been successful and his case was dismissed. The appellant took issue with a sheriff’s decision at Hamilton sheriff...
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Extended Sentence Deemed Incompetent at the High Court
PF v Josh McLean 2019 Mr McLean has had his appeal against sentence partially refused at the High Court of Justiciary. Mr McLean was found guilty at the sheriff court of domestic abuse offences. He was sentenced by the Sheriff to four years imprisonment with an extension...
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Excessive Community Payback Order Appeal Refused
PF v John McLellan 2019 Mr McLellan has had his appeal against sentence refused at the Sheriff appeal Court. Mr McLellan appealed to the Sheriff Appeal Court stating that that compensation element of his Community Payback Order was excessive. The basis for the argument...
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Application to Amend Ground of Appeal Refused
HMA v David Scott 2019 Mr Scott has had his application to amend his ground of appeal refused. Mr Scott received a life sentence with minimum term of 22 years after being found guilty after Trial at the High Court in Glasgow last year of the murder of Mr Johnston. Mr...
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Appeal Rejected On The Grounds of Jury Prejudice By The Sheriff
HMA v Graham Patterson 2019 Mr Patterson has had his appeal against conviction rejected. The appellant argued at the appeal court in Edinburgh that the sheriff’s directions to the jury at Hamilton sheriff court during the trial allowed for prejudice. However, the appeal...
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Speeding Conviction Appeal Refused
PF v John Scrimgeour-Wedderburn 2019/u> Mr Wedderburn who appealed against his speeding conviction after driving 55mph in a 40mph zone has had his appeal refused after the appeal court did not agree with his argument that his notice of prosecution was invalid. The appeal...
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Crown Appeals Decision to Acquit Man of Racially Aggravated Harassment
PF v David Callaghan/u> The Crown has appealed against a Sheriff’s decision to acquit a man of racially aggravated harassment. Mr Callaghan was charged with calling a tenant a “f*cking black bastard”. At the trial the sheriff had acquitted the accused because it...
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Life Sentence With a Minimum Term of 13 years After Fatal Attack
HMA v Alan Richardson 2019 Mr Richardson has received a life sentence with a minimum term of 13 years after attacking Mr Murray which resulted in his death. The 25 year old was sentenced at the High Court in Glasgow this week. The sentencing Judge was made aware that Mr...
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