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Recent Cases

Appeal Against Notification Requirement – Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC)
Adam Sutherland v HMA 2017 HCJAC 22 In early 2016 at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court, Mr Sutherland (the appellant) pled guilty to a charge of sending by electronic means a message that was grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character. The sheriff...
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High Court of Justiciary – Police ‘Entrapment’
HMA v IP HCJAC 56 A decision to sustain a plea in bar of trial based upon the 'entrapment' by the police of a Scottish teacher accused of attempting to engage in sexual activity with a child was upheld on appeal. The accused was charged at Falkirk Sheriff...
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First of all I don’t have enough words to thank Mr John Kilcoyne.
18 months ago I went back home with my child, on my return to Scotland I put my child back to school and I went to work as I done for the past 8 years, the following week I was arrested at my work place and taking to the police, when I got at the police station I was...
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Domestic assault Mr C, Glasgow.
I was trying to console my partner one Saturday morning  and to my amazement she proceeded to attack me and phone her mother and the police alleging I assaulted her. She became hysterical, the police came and arrested me and kept me in police custody until I went to...
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Clarification on when a Judge can reject a plea in mitigation without supporting evidence
At Inverness Sheriff Court in January 2015, the appellant pled guilty to two charges; that on 7 October 2014 he had a knife in his possession and that he assaulted a police officer by pushing her to the ground. For these charges, he was sentenced to one years imprisonment...
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Facebook status could see ‘single mum’ from Dundee face prison sentence
A 37-year old woman from Dundee, who claimed to be a single mum to claim certain benefits, has been taken to court for welfare fraud after the DWP checked her relationship status on Facebook. A Procurator Fiscal depute told Dundee Sheriff Court that the Department of...
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Sleeping juror forces rape retrial in Aberdeen
A rape trial – which originally ran for several days at the beginning of May – was rerun at the High Court in Aberdeen when it emerged that a juror had fallen asleep whilst the judge was delivering his charge to the jury. When he heard about the incident, Lord...
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