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Recent Cases

Attempting to defeat the ends of justice Appeal Successful
HMA v Cameron Laurie 2019 Mr Laurie has appealed against his conviction and sentence after being convicted of murder and attempting to defeat the ends of justice for the second time. He was convicted at Aberdeen High Court in July 2018 for the second time after a retrial....
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Successful Appeal at the Sheriff Appeal Court
HMA v Sean Connolly 2019 Mr Connelly’s case has been referred to the High Court of Judiciary in Edinburgh after the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission escalates matters believing he may have a case to appeal against a miscarriage of justice having taken place...
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Communications Act Appeal Refused
HMA v Mark Meechan Mr Meechan has failed in an effort to appeal to the Supreme Court after he was found guilty of breaching the Communications Act 2003 at Airdrie Sheriff Court before Sheriff O’Carroll. The appellant had uploaded a video online of a dog performing a Nazi...
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Successful Appeal Against Sentence
HMA v William Buchan 2018 Mr Buchan has successfully appealed against his sentence in the High Court at Edinburgh. The appellant pled guilty at Perth Sheriff Court to a drink driving charge after he was caught by the police over seven times the legal limit. He was...
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Custodial Sentence Reduced on Appeal
PF v William Kenneth Russell Mr Russell pled guilty to assaulting his wife, subject to a bail aggravation and also to a domestic abuse aggravation. He has successfully appealed to lower his custodial sentence. In July of 2017 he was sentenced to complete a Community Payback...
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Custodial Sentence Quashed Following an Appeal
HMA v Joseph Llewellyn Mr Llewellyn has had his appeal against sentence granted and as a result his custodial sentence has been quashed. The appellant was sentenced to 18 months detention after being convicted of assault but has had his custodial sentence quashed...
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Appeal Against Conviction Rejected
HMA v Allan Ferguson Mr Ferguson, who claimed that evidence of the complainer’s distress in a rape case was too remote to corroborate her account of lack of consent, has had an appeal against his conviction rejected. The appellant claimed that this was due to the fact...
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Successful Appeal Against Conviction
HMA V Ricky Taylor Mr Taylor has successfully appealed against his conviction after being convicted of an offence under s5 of the Sexual Offences Act 2009, coercing another into being present during sexual activity. It was alleged the appellant repeatedly exposed himself...
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Appeal Against Conviction Rejected
HMA V Sandra Dennie Ms Dennie has had her appeal against conviction rejected at the appeal court. Ms Dennie pled not guilty but after Trial the jury found her guilty of assault to a woman’s severe injury and permanent disfigurement by repeatedly punching and kicking her...
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Misdirection Of Jury Appeal Refused
HMA V Mohammed Maqsood 2018 The absence of a reasonable belief of consent does not require to be proved by corroborated evidence in a rape case the High Court has ruled. There is also no direction on this matter necessary the appeal court has ruled unless it is a live issue...
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