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Archive for May, 2021

Court Of Session Refuses Defective Representation Petition
Kelly v Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission CSOH 51 The Court of Session has refused the petition of a prisoner who sought to have his case reviewed by the SCCRC. The petitioner, Mr Kelly, was convicted in 2019 of multiple sexual offences against children dating...
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Men Convicted Of Spitting At Police Have Sentences Reduced After Appeal
Dewar and McLean v HM Advocate HCJAC 29 Following an appeal heard by the Appeal Court at the High Court of the Justiciary,  the appellants - Gordon Dewar and Gary McLean - have had their sentences reduced. The Appellants appeared at Perth Sheriff Court in...
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Man Loses Appeal Against Conviction For Road Traffic Offence After Falling Asleep Behind The Wheel
Wilson v PF SAC 4 Andrew Wilson was convicted under section 2 of the Road Traffic Act 1998, following an incident where he collided with the central reservation after falling asleep behind the wheel. During his arrest, Mr Wilson told police officers that he “dosed...
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Man Sentenced to Life Imprisonment Loses Challenge Against Parole Board’s Refusal to Release Him
Petition of Brian Hands Against The Parole Board of Scotland CSOH 42 A man sentenced to life in prison who was granted community access before being returned to prison has lost a challenge against a subsequent decision by the Parole Board not to release him. The case...
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Woman Loses Appeal Against Custodial Sentence After Committing Benefits Fraud
RA v HM Advocate HCJAC 27 The Appeal Court of the High Court of the Justiciary has rejected the appeal of a mother of six who sought to have her sentence reduced to a non-custodial alternative. The appellant pled guilty to fraudulently claiming over £50,000 in...
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