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Archive for March, 2020

Sex Offenders Register Appeal Granted
HMA v Barry Sorrel 2020 Mr Sorrel has successfully appealed against the Sheriff’s decision to place him on the sex offenders register. The appellant pled guilty an offence under section 2(1) of the Abusive Behaviour and Sexual Harm (Scotland) Act 2016. This is commonly...
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Disclosure of Medical Records Appeal
HMA v Paul McMillan 2019 A complainer has successfully argued at the High Court it was incorrect to recover her medical records in the proceedings of a rape trial of a former partner. The records were sought by the accused in order to note the position of any “mental...
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Appeal Against Conviction Refused
HMA v Steven Barclay 2020 Mr Barclay has had his appeal against conviction refused after being found guilty of producing cannabis and supplying class B drugs. This was despite the High Court agreeing that the Sheriff had misdirected the jury. However, the High Court...
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Murder Conviction Successfully Appealed
HMA v Ralph Goodie 2020 Mr Goodie has successfully appealed against his murder conviction at the High Court ofJusticiary. The High Court agreed with the appellant’s argument that a miscarriage of justice had taken place. Mr Goldie was found guilty after trial of...
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