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Archive for December, 2019

“Material Misdirection” Appeal Upheld
HMA v Piotr Rysmanowski 2019 Mr Rysmanowski has had his appeal against sentence upheld after the Appeal Judges at the High Court in Edinburgh confirm there has been a ‘material misdirection’ by the trial sheriff. The appellant was convicted at Dumfries Sheriff Court...
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Finding of Facts Appeal Dismissed
HMA v ASG 2019 ASG, an appellant, has his appeal against a finding of facts, that took place in July 2019, that found he committed the offence of death by dangerous driving dismissed at the High Court in Edinburgh. ASG was found unfit to stand trial due to suffering from...
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Culpable Homicide Appeal Refused
HMA v Tasmin Glass 2019 Ms Glass who appealed against her 10 year prison sentence has had her appeal refused. The appellant was found guilty after trial of culpable homicide after it was found she instigated an attack on her ex-boyfriend that took place at the hands of...
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Appeal Against Conviction Partially Successful
HMA v Francis Cairney 2019 Mr Cairney’s appeal against conviction was found to be partially successful after it was discovered that the Crown had not disclosed the complainer’s criminal record in one of the charges. This charge, charge 8, was therefore quashed. Mr....
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Murder Sentences Reduced on Appeal
HMA v Noonan and Brown 2019 Mr Noonan and Mr Brown who received life sentences in January 2019 after being found guilty of murder at the High Court in Edinburgh. However, they have now successfully appealed against sentence at the High Court of Judiciary and both men have...
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