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Archive for July, 2018

Appeal Court Agrees With Crown On “Not Necessary To Corroborate” Point
HMA v David Martin Mr Martin was recently acquitted of a speeding charge after a Justice of the Peace upheld a defence submission of “no case to answer.” The respondent was charged with driving at 81mph on a 60mph speed limit on the A9 towards Perth in May 2017. This...
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Seven Year Custodial Sentence Reduced On Appeal
HMA v Michael Brown Michael Brown, who was sentenced to seven years imprisonment for being involved in organised crime, has had his custodial sentence reduced following an appeal. The appellant was indicted along with eight co accused. He pled guilty to the charge but...
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Sexual Offences Prevention Order Quashed On Appeal
HMA v James Moore 2018 Mr James Moore was sentenced to two years and three months’ imprisonment after pleading guilty to taking, possessing and sharing indecent images of children. He has now had his appeal against a custodial term imposed rejected but the appeal Court...
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Murder Convictions Quashed Following Appeal
HMA v Ryan Gibb and Cameron Laurie 2018 Mr Ryan Gibb and Mr Cameron Laurie have had their murder convictions quashed after the Appeal Court has ruled the Trial judge removed the option of a culpable homicide verdict from the jury in error. The appeal was allowed on the...
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Conviction Quashed Following High Court Appeal
JM v HMA 2018 JM was found guilty of sexual offences against two children almost 17 years apart. However, he has had his conviction quashed following an High Court appeal. The High Court ruled that the similarities between the offences were not “sufficiently...
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Sentence Reduced on Appeal Due to ‘No Corroboration’
HMA v Robert Spinks Mr Robert Spinks was found guilty of a single charge of assault at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court in August 2017. This charge comprised of eight separate incidents in a “course of conduct” involving a four-year campaign of domestic abuse. However, he has...
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High Court Appeal Against ‘Lenient Sentence’ Refused
HMA v John Barbour Mr John Barbour was sentenced to four years imprisonment after being found guilty of historical child sex offences on three charges. These offences were found to be committed when he was a teenager. After an unsuccessful appeal to the High Court...
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