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Archive for April, 2018

Sentences Reduced on Appeal
Joseph McHale and Kevin Schruyers v HMA Mr McHale and Mr Schruyers have had their sentences reduced after a spree of ATM thefts. The two men were sentenced to 12-and-a-half years and 13 years imprisonment respectively at Glasgow High court after they broke in to cash...
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Deportation Order Quashed on Appeal
SA v HMA 2018 ‘SA’, an EEA national, was convicted of vandalism at Hamilton Sheriff Court in 2016 and he was fined £100 as a result of this offence. As a result of this crime he was ordered to be deported from the country after an investigation, despite him being in...
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Sentence Reduced on Appeal
HMA v William Russell 2018 William Russell pled guilty in 2017 to a charge of assaulting his wife, subject to a bail aggravation and also to a domestic abuse aggravation. He was sentenced to five-and-a-half months’ imprisonment for assaulting his wife with one month...
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Appeal Against Assault Conviction Refused
HMA v Carol Kirk 2017 Carol Kirk was found guilty of assaulting a dog owner with a dog lead in May 2015 at the Justice of the Peace Court in Stirling. It was heard that she repeatedly hit the victim with the object to her injury. However she has had an appeal against her...
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Motorist Loses Appeal Against Dangerous Driving Conviction
HMA v Peter Clotman 2018 Peter Clotman was found guilty of dangerous driving in October 2017 after Trial at Dunoon Sheriff Court in the west of Scotland. It was claimed that he overtook three cars at excessive speed while approaching a hill, causing a driver on the other...
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Destruction of Dog Appeal Allowed
Feldwick and Adamson v HMA 2018 Ms Feldwick and Ms Adamson and their families have successfully appealed against the order to put their two dogs to death. The dogs were sentenced to death by the Court for being “dangerously out of control.” The Rottweiler and the...
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Appeal Against Conviction Rejected
LM v HMA 2018 LM, who was sentenced to eight years in prison for a series of sexual offences against two boys, AM and PG, had an appeal against his conviction rejected after the appeal judges ruled there was ‘no merit’ in his arguments. The man was convicted after...
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