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Archive for February, 2018

Limbs in the Loch Killers Claim for State Funding Refused
HMA v WILLIAM BEGGS 2018 "Limbs in the loch’ killer William Beggs was convicted of murder and given life imprisonment in 2001 for murdering a man and dismembering his body and throwing it in different lochs. The convicted murderer sought legal aid for a UK Supreme Court...
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Appeal Against Compulsion Order Refused
HMA v FD 2018 A man accused of assaulting a nurse had his plea of not guilty accepted by the Crown in July 2017 on the basis that he was incapable by reason of mental disorder to appreciate the wrongfulness of his conduct. However he recently has had an appeal against a...
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“Miscarriage of Justice” Appeal Against Conviction Refused
HDJS 2018 A man found guilty of sexually assaulting his own daughter and making and sharing indecent images of her has had an appeal against his conviction refused. The appeal was based on the fact that the sheriff refused the jury to view a number of the images during...
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Appeal Against Conviction Refused
HMA V STEPHEN INGRAM 2018 Mr Ingram was found guilty in 2017 of various domestic offences and appealed his convictions as his former partner and the complainer in the case denied that she had been assaulted by him. The appellant claimed that the sheriff erred in not...
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“Self-Defence” Appeal Against Conviction and Sentence Rejected
HMA V RYAN LAWSON 2018 Mr Lawson who was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in jail after being found guilty of committing domestic abuse against two ex-partners has had an appeal against his conviction and sentence rejected. He was found guilty after Trial in Dundee of 3...
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Five-Year Sex Offender Registration Order Quashed on Appeal
HMA V NEIL COOPER 2018 A first instance Sheriff who did not take in to account the effect of a notification requirement of a man who was fined after being found guilty of sexual assault has his sentence reduced by the appeal Court. Mr Cooper has successfully challenged...
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Miscarriage of Justice Appeal Refused
HMA V AMIR BAKHJAM 2018 Mr Bakhjam was found guilty of rape in January 2017 and he claimed the Crown acted “oppressively” against him in his Trial and therefore appealed his conviction and sentence. The crown withdrew an allegation that he drugged the victim at the...
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Appeal Against Non-Harassment Order Refused
HMA V PETER DONNELLY 2018 Peter Donnelly who was given a non-harassment order after his sentence was deferred for good behaviour has had his appeal against the order dismissed. He was found guilty of a statutory breach of the peace and carrying an offensive weapon, three...
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