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Boycott Action Launched By Defence Lawyers In Courts
A boycott of courts by defence lawyers has been launched, lasting all-day on Monday 17th May. This is in response to what many defence solicitors see as unfair treatment by the Scottish Government over legal aid. According to the Scottish Solicitors Bar Association, only...
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Percentage of Prisoners Incarcerated for Sexual Offences on the Rise
Statistics released today by the Scottish Government regarding the national prison population show a growing proportion of sex offenders amongst Scotland’s prison population. According to the figures, there was a 100% increase in sex offenders as a proportion of all...
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Two Men Convicted at High Court For Transporting Firearms
Mark Kirkby and Ku Wing Kwok have been convicted of transporting handguns after pleading guilty at the High Court in Glasgow. The pair, who were involved in the sale of the guns at a golf club in North Ayrshire, were jailed for 5 years each. The convictions came...
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Crown Office App Requires Update, According To Bar Association
The Herald has reported that the Scottish Solicitors’ Bar Association (SSBA) has expressed criticism of the Crown office app used to book Pre-intermediate Diet Meetings (PIDMs). Concerns have been raised as to the functionality of the app, as well as its...
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MK v Procurator Fiscal, Kilmarnock
The appellant had appealed against the competency of three charges brought against him under the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009, in relation to exposing himself to children on social media. The appellant argued that as the original charges libelled by the Crown did...
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Procurator Fiscal, Hamilton v John Donnelly
The Sheriff Appeal Court in this case has imposed a community payback order in place of an admonishment, following a Crown appeal. The respondent, John Donnelly, was convicted in February 2020 of assaulting his ex-wife. Following the two day trial, the summary Sheriff...
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Number Of Solemn Cases Being Cleared Increased Through March
Figures announced by the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service show that 468 solemn cases at Sheriff level were concluded in March, indicating an increase of nine percent over pre-covid levels when compared to figures from 2019/20. However, the SCTS also announced that...
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Large Drop in Prosecutions for Possession of Cannabis Seen Across the UK
Research from the UK Parliament statistics bureau has shown a significant decrease in prosecutions for cannabis possession over the past decade. According to figures obtained from the House of Commons library, such prosecutions have decreased from 160,733 in 2010 to...
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A Growing Problem: Scotland’s Overcrowded Prisons
Scotland has one of the worst rates of overcrowded prisons in Western Europe, according to a new continent-wide survey. The study, carried out by the Council of Europe, showed that Scotland currently has a rate of 104.3 inmates per 100 prison places. This stands high...
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Criminal Court Restrictions To Be Eased In April
Lord Carloway has announced a ‘cautious and incremental easing’ of current criminal court restrictions, starting from 19 th April. Summary cases in the Sheriff Court will restart again, restricted to three trials per day with two backups. He also announced that...
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