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Scotland’s Chief Constable Voices Concern Over Alleged “Ghost Searches”
Sir Stephen House, Chief Constable of Police Scotland, has admitted that police officers have on occasion reported non-existent stop-and-search encounters. According to Sir Stephen, the vast majority of stop-searches are conducted in a proper manner but it would be "naive"...
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Scotland To Combat Human Trafficking With Dedicated Legislation
Scottish justice secretary Kenny MacAskill has confirmed that the country will have its own standalone human trafficking legislation. The proposed Human Trafficking Bill for Scotland is expected to receive the support of the Scottish government before the current...
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Scottish Police To Receive Financial Boost From “Gangster Tax”
The Scottish Police Authority (SPA) is debating the draft Police Scotland budget for 2014-2016, which contains a proposal representing a first in Scottish police history: the use of seized proceeds to support policing activities. The idea has come to be known as "gangster...
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“Super Asbos” To Help Scottish Police Fight Top Echelons Of Organised Crime
Scottish police have been given a new weapon in their fight against serious organised crime after the government supported the introduction of new serious crime prevention orders (SCPOs). The orders, which have come to be known as "super Asbos," are specifically designed to...
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Scottish Justice Secretary Calls For Review Of Corroboration Rule Reform
The proposed abolition of the corroboration rule in criminal cases in Scotland has sparked heated debate in the legal industry and implementation of the reform will apparently be delayed until a more detailed review on the impact of the change has been completed. News of...
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Chief Prison Inspector Urges Review Of Purposeful Activity At HMP Edinburgh
HMP Edinburgh is a well-run penal institution and upholds good practices in 18 areas. However, purposeful activity for inmates is not strictly among them and the second largest prison in Scotland should undertake a review to ensure that its entire population gets access to...
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Scottish Government Unveils Reforms To Offender Services
The Scottish government has announced changes in the planning, management and delivery of offender services. The aim is to further improve the community justice system, building on the success achieved so far in reducing crime and reconviction rates. Every year, the...
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Number Of Thefts And Sexual Offences On The Rise In Some Parts Of Scotland
Shortly after Scottish police reported the lowest levels in crime rates in almost four decades, statistics revealed by chief constable Sir Stephen House showed that some parts of Scotland are witnessing a sudden, sharp rise in "acquisitive" crimes and sexual...
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Number Of Firearms Crimes In Scotland Drops Dramatically
The number of firearms offences in Scotland has reached the lowest level in a decade since records began, after rates fell by almost a third in a year, figures from a new report by the country's Chief Statistician revealed. In 2012/2013, there were 365 firearms offences...
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Road Safety Charity Calls For Scottish Drivers To Stop Using Mobile Phones In Cars
Campaigners have urged Scottish motorists to switch off their mobile phones when driving in a bid to improve general road safety. Statistics reveal that almost 85,000 drivers in Scotland have been given points for talking on their phones while driving. These figures...
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