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Concerns over Police Understanding Of Hate Crime, According To Watchdog
Concerns have been voiced by a prominent government watchdog over Police Scotland’s understanding of both the “nature and scale” of hate crime. A report released by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary in Scotland (HMICS) illustrated a worrying combination of poor...
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High Court Hears Expert Witness Evidence Remotely For The First Time
The High Court in Glasgow has heard evidence from an expert witness who appeared virtually for the first time, in a move that has divided opinion in the legal community.  The evidence was led by the defence in a trial involving multiple charges of rape and assault to...
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Justice Of The Peace Courts to Reopen Across Scotland This Week
Justice of the Peace courts are to reopen across the country on Monday, in the latest loosening of coronavirus restrictions in Scotland.  The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service has announced that all JP court business will resume from Monday 7th June, following a...
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Accusations of Yet Another Malicious Prosecution Levelled at Crown Office
The Crown Office has been forced to defend itself once again from allegations that It carried out a malicious prosecution against the head of a cheque cashing business in 2019. Eddie Ramsay, 73, claims that the case against him, which involved police raiding his home and...
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Scottish Government Launch £500,000 Fund to Protect Places of Worship from Hate Crimes
The Scottish Government has announced it is to dedicate half-a-million pounds to fight the rise in hate crimes directed towards places of worship.  The Hate Crime Security Fund, developed by the Government and Police Scotland, is now open for applications from faith...
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Rethinking Mens Rea? Scottish Law Commission to Review ‘Metal Element’ of Homicide in Scots Law
The Scottish Law Commission have announced plans to launch a review into the common law crimes of murder and attempted murder and the mental element of each.  The SLC is seeking the views of anyone with an interest in criminal law and justice to contribute to a...
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Completion Rate Of Solemn Sheriff Cases Increases Above Pre-Pandemic Average
Figures released by the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service have shown that almost 500 solemn Sheriff cases were concluded in April 2021 alone, marking an 8% increase from the pre-Covid average. Positive signs that the court system is gradually beginning to recover could...
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New Justice Secretary Name
Keith Brown will replace Humza Yousaf as Justice Secretary as part of a cabinet shake-up in the aftermath of the 2021 election. Mr Brown, a veteran MSP who currently serves as deputy leader of the SNP,  takes over from Mr Yousaf at a time of great uncertainty from criminal...
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Conviction Rates For Violent Offences On The Increase
Figures released by the Scottish Government have indicated that convictions for violent crime, such as attempted murder, assault and armed robbery, have increased by over 20% for the year 2019/20. Conviction rates for serious assault and attempted murder are at the...
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Summary Trials To Increase As COVID Restrictions Are Eased
The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service have announced that following restrictions being eased from 17th May, they are aiming to increase the amount of summary trials being heard back to maximum safe capacity for each courtroom.  The SCTS have also announced that...
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