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Legal Highs Ban Comes into Force Across the UK
A blanket ban on so-called legal highs has come into force in the UK. Laws criminalising the production, distribution, sale and supply of what are otherwise known as new psychoactive substances began at midnight.     The chemicals, sold under names...
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Schizophrenic killer case probed over claims NHS trust failed to stop a series of deaths
A paranoid schizophrenic whose savage attack left his mum dead and his dad badly injured is one of 10 NHS cases to be reviewed after a pensioner was stabbed to death. Graeme Morris, 38, travelled from his home in Brighton in October 2012 to launch an assault on his...
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Two Women Connected with Animal Cruelty Presented to Procurator Fiscal
A male pointer crossbreed was found in a bin in Dundonald Street last April 15, Friday. He was so malnourished and badly dehydrated that he had to be put down after being rescued by Scottish SPCA officers. When news about the dog's ordeal became public, there was a...
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Scotland Is World’s Assault Capital Based on 2015 UN Statistics
According to the 2015 statistics from the United Nations, Scotland is the world's assault capital. Data showed that there is a huge possibility of being physically attacked in Scotland than anywhere else around the world. The Scottish Government is none too pleased about...
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Anger over Prisoners Receiving Compensation for Being Locked Up Beyond Jail Term
Inmates kept in prison longer than their jail term is costing taxpayers more than £25,000. 72 prisoners have been receiving compensation for the past five years, as payment for being locked up longer than their original jail term. According to a Sunday Post probe,...
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Ten Men Convicted on Charges of Child Sex Offences
Ten men were sentenced up to 25 years in jail for sex offences against a Rochdale teenage girl. One man was jailed last year, while nine other defendants were sentenced on Friday at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court. The victim went to the police, following the...
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Dismembered Remains of Missing Police Officer Gordon Semple Found
In a housing block that was described as a very quiet place, and where problems almost never exist, was where the body of missing police officer PC Gordon Semple was discovered. The 49-year-old suspect was arrested at the same place. Scotland Yard was alerted when a...
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Teen Sentenced to Nine Years for Stabbing to Death Another Teenager
A 16-year-old teenage boy has been sentenced to nine years in lock up after he was found guilty of stabbing to death another young boy his age in school. In October 2015, Bailey Gwynne was attacked during his lunch hour following what was dubbed as a silly argument at...
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Law Against Revenge Porn Passed by Scottish Parliament
Holyrood has passed the Abusive Behaviour and Sexual Harm Bill that makes “revenge porn” a criminal offence, following the rise of cases that shows that the crime has become widespread. The new legislation will tackle the way modern technology is used to abuse another...
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Counter Corruption Unit to Be Shut Down Following Accusations of Breach of Guidelines
The controversial Counter Corruption Unit (CCU) of the Scotland Police is set to be shut down due to the Sunday Mail spy scandal. Announcements are expected to be made after the Scottish Parliament election that will be held in May. CCU will be disbanded due to concerns...
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