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Study Reveals Gender Differences in Partner Abuse for 2012/13
3% of adults in Scotland were subject to psychical or psychological partner abuse last year, the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey 2012/13: Partner Abuse Statistics of Scotland's Chief Statistician shows. Overall, the nature of partner abuse experienced by individuals from...
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Edinburgh Burglaries Surge By 40%
During Police Scotland's first year as a single service, housebreakings in Edinburgh skyrocketed by almost 40%, with only 25% of such burglaries having been solved by the authority, new figures show. The data reveals that an average of 11 properties a day were targeted by...
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Scotland Sees Drop In Drug Use
In Scotland, self-reported drug use has declined significantly, new figures by Scotland's Chief Statistician reveal. The "Scottish Crime and Justice Survey (SCJS) Drug Use Report" showed that during 2012-2013, the percentage of adults admitting to using illicit drugs use...
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Rape Cases On The Rise In Scotland
Rape cases have increased by 23% in Scotland, compared to 2013 levels, according to figures released by Police Scotland. The figures show that the total number of reported rapes over the year was 1,690 but it is believed that about 75% of rape cases go unreported. The...
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Reconvictions In Scotland Drop 17% In Ten Years
The average number of reconvictions per offender declined by 17% between 2002-2003 and 2011-2012, figures published by Scotland's Chief Statistician show. In the period 2010-11 to 2011-12, the average number of reconvictions per offender in all of Scotland fell by almost...
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Increase In Online Scams Trouble Edinburgh
Citizen's Advice Scotland (CAS) has reported that its helpline received nearly 220 complaints last year from fraud victims in the Lothians. The majority of calls were related to Internet scams. Country-wide, the total number of calls for support recorded a 14% increase on...
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SPA Offers Suggestions For Improving Stop And Search Tactics
The Scottish Police Authority (SPA) has come forward with a list of recommendations regarding stop and search tactics. Their aim is to improve targeting, enhance effectiveness and increase transparency. As the review results have shown, stop and search plays an important...
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World’s End Murder Case Returns To Court
One of Scotland's most high-profile murder cases is returning to court, Edinburgh News reports. The Crown Office announced earlier this week that Angus Sinclair will again stand trial on suspicion of murdering Christine Eadie and Helen Scott almost four decades ago, after a...
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Scotland’s Top Prosecutor Calls For Modernisation Of Domestic Abuse Law
Scotland's Solicitor General, Lesley Thomson, has expressed the belief that specialist litigation would greatly contribute to the fight against domestic abuse. In her speech at the recently held COPFS Domestic Abuse Conference, Thomson said the country should embrace a more...
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The Use Of Speed Guns Come Under Fire As Lothian Speeding Fines Increase
Speeding fines collected by the Lothian and Borders police via the use of mobile cameras has increased, triggering criticism that speed guns are being used as a revenue source. However, Police Scotland maintain that no such agenda exists and the focus remains on reducing...
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