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MPs Back Legislation To Tackle Sale Of Legal Highs
Independent experts have released a report recommending that local authorities impose tough new licensing laws in a bid to combat the increasing problems associated with so-called "legal highs". The expert group was established by the Scottish Government last year to look...
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MP Accuses Police Scotland Of Picking On ‘Easy Target’ Motorists
Dumfries and Galloway MP Russell Brown has voiced his concerns in the sharp increase in cases where innocent drivers have been pulled over and charged by the police. His belief is that officers have been placed under pressure by Police Scotland to meet targets and that...
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Scottish Police Explain Mishandling Of Stop-And-Search Data
Police in Scotland have been requested to explain the "sorry mess" over its handling of data on stop-and-search, reports the BBC. According to Liberal Democrat Alison McInnnes, a member of the Scottish Parliament Justice sub-committee on policing, they will have many...
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Scottish Councils Using Covert Surveillance
Councils in Scotland have used covert surveillance hundreds of times in the past three years, BBC News revealed this week. Data obtained by BBC Scotland shows that local authorities authorised 501 clandestine investigations, sometimes for relatively minor offences. These...
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Former Minister Calls For The Scrapping Prison Sentences Of Three Months Or Less
Henry McLeish, former chair of the Scottish Prisons Commission, asked delegates at a recent Holyrood conference to consider an end to six-month custodial sentences in all but the most exceptional circumstances. At the annual female offenders conference earlier in January,...
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Scottish Police Monitor Phone Calls And Emails 53 Times A Day
According to latest figures obtained by The Times, Police Scotland are using surveillance to intercept 20,000 emails and phone calls every year – the equivalent to 53 a day. The head of the Scottish Parliament's justice committee, Christine Grahame, has warned police...
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Reforms Will Improve Monitoring Of Prisons In Scotland
The Scottish Parliament last week approved plans designed to improve the scrutiny of prisons right across the country, with a new independent monitoring service established to help ensure that all aspects of prisons are fully and independently monitored. Announcing the...
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Scottish Government Outlines New Community Justice Arrangements
Changes are to be made to the way community justice services are delivered in Scotland. In response to a consultation, the Scottish government announced this week that it would introduce a new model for community justice. Justice Secretary Michael Matheson said that the...
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Fall In Scotland’s Murder Rate To Record Low
The number of murder cases in Scotland has dropped to the lowest level on record, a new report showed this week. Homicide in Scotland 2013-14, which is compiled from police figures, reveals that there were 61 homicide victims last year, a decrease from the previous year...
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Charities Call For The Devolution Of Cannabis Laws
The Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) – the national membership body for Scotland's charities and voluntary organisations – is lobbying for drugs laws to be devolved, asking for Scotland to be given the power to decriminalise cannabis. The group has...
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