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Scottish Government May Write Off Uncompleted Community Service Hours
A leaked report produced by the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) has called for the Scottish Government to write off around 210,000 hours of community service. The report has been produced in a background where many individuals have been unable to...
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Mother Who Left Dying 13 Year Old Sentenced
Robyn Goldie aged 13 had complained to her mother of feeling unwell between 19th July and 26th July 2018. Her mother, Sharon Goldie, refused to call an ambulance for her and stopped a friend from taking her to hospital stating that Robyn was attention seeking. Sharon...
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Sheriff Court Trials to Resume in Glasgow and Edinburgh
Following the success of remote jury trials in the High Courts of Edinburgh and Glasgow remote jury trials are set to be rolled out to Glasgow and Edinburgh Sheriff Courts. Six juries will be based remotely in the Odeon cinema at Glasgow Quay for Glasgow Sheriff Court jury...
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Man Who Raped Teenager in Lane Sentenced to 5 Years
Ji Ren Li who raped a 17 year old woman within 6 minutes of their meeting was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment following a 3 day trial at Glasgow High Court. Ji Ren Li was reported to have carried the complainer who was intoxicated and incapable of consenting into a lane...
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Sheriff Court Jury Trials in Scotland to Restart in December 2020
The Scottish Government is set to invest £6.5 million to extend remote jury centres across Scotland to allow the resumption of Sheriff Court jury trials in December. There has not been a Sheriff Court jury trial in Scotland since March 2020 which has lead to a backlog of...
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Man Sentenced to 8 Months and Disqualified for 18 months Following Drink Driving
Mr Paul Jackson pled guilty to dangerous driving at excessive speed while under the influence of alcohol, driving without insurance, failing to provide a breath specimen and threatening and abusive behaviour. Mr Jackson had mixed prescription pills with alcohol before...
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Golf Club Owner Sentenced to 15 Months For £150,000 Tax Fraud
Mr Jon Wiggett, the owner of Brahan Golf Club, had submitted 13 false VAT repayment claims between 2014 and 2017. It was revealed by HMRC that Mr Wiggett had tried to back up his fraudulent claims with dozens of fake invoices including for a lawnmower and for sand for...
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High Court Trials To Commence In Cinemas
High Court jury trials are set to begin in the Odeon cinema in Edinburgh as of the 28th of September 2020 in order to allow high court jury trials to recommence allowing for social distancing. The Odeon cinema in Edinburgh will be the first remote jury centre in the UK....
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Woman Jailed For Culpable Homicide
Ms Sutherlay has been sentenced to six years and eight months after pleading guilty to culpable homicide. She was originally charged with the murder of Mr MacFadyen after attacking him with a pair of scissors, but a plea was accepted to the lesser charge. The attack took...
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Man Jailed For Hit and Run Kill
A Paisley man has received a sentence of five years and three months after killing a 15-year-old girl in Paisley. He was also banned from driving for 11 years and seven months. This sentence was reduced for his guilty plea to the charges against him. Mr Gatti pled guilty to...
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