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Man Who Killed Woman After He Mounted Pavement On Quad Bike Imprisoned For Four Years

Kurt Kilgour was on his quad bike when he mounted a pavement and inflicted fatal injuries on Margaret Meldrum, 75 years old. At the time of the incident Kilgour was under the influence of drink and drugs. 

Kilgour failed to brake and take evasion after the fact. He had bought the Honda quad bike shortly before the incident. He admitted to causing the death of Mrs Meldrum by dangerous driving as he had consumed alcohol and controlled drugs. Footage taken prior to the incident shows him repeatedly driving in the opposing carriageway. 

Two individuals present nearby attempt the help the pensioner after the incident. Firefighters managed to free her and paramedics attended; however, she died from injuries to her head, neck and chest. 

Defence counsel Tony Graham QC said: “The consequences of that particular day he sees as the ultimate irresponsibility on his part – an irresponsibility that has consumed human life and that is something that has troubled him to this day and he expects to trouble him for the rest of his life.”

The case was heard at the High Court in Edinburgh and Lord Burns stated: “You were under the influence of drink and drugs and your alcohol reading was over the legal limit. This was the first time you had driven this vehicle apparently.”

In discussing the Criminal Justice Social Work Report which was prepared the judge said that the report stated Kilgour had ‘tried to minimise’ his level of responsibility. He also falsely stated that he had swerved and attempt to avoid an oncoming vehicle. 

At sentencing, Lord Burns said: “You were 23 years of age at the time of this offence and I have to take account of the fact you will have to reintegrate yourself into society after the inevitable custodial sentence has been served. Your remorse, to which your counsel referred, is somewhat undermined by your minimisation of responsibility to the social worker.” 

The judge explained that he would have been subject to a six year sentence, but for his guilty plea. He was sentenced to four years and nine months and was banned from driving for eight years and ten months. 


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