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Man Carried Out Another Sex Attack After Being Remanded In Prison
Alexander Milligan, aged 69 years old, was found guilty of assault with intent to rape in 1989. Milligan was released from prison prior to this and carried out another sexual assault.  The assault was carried out inside a flat in Edinburgh. The court heard that Milligan...
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Lord Advocate, Dorothy Bain QC, Has Commissioned Fresh Inquiry Into How Sexual Crimes Are Prosecuted In Scotland
Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain QC has ordered a study of how sexual offence cases are dealt with by Scotland’s prosecution service. This study will update an earlier review which was carried out over a decade ago.  In an interview Bain stated that a significant amount had...
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Music Teacher Sentenced to Eight-Years Imprisonment for Raping and Abusing Pupils
Peter Antonelli, aged 66 years old, worked as a music teacher and received an MBE for his work in 2004. He worked at two schools in East Lothian for almost three decades. He has now been found guilty at the High Court in Edinburgh for rape, lewd and libidinous conduct and...
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Man Who Sexually Assaulted Two Women Loses Appeal Against Conviction
Jack Ferguson was convicted of sexually assaulting two women in a Glasgow nightclub on New Year’s Day 2020. Ferguson was sentenced to 250 hours of unpaid work along with a six month restriction of liberty order.  The complainers, both 19 years old, attended Shed...
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Man Who Killed Woman After He Mounted Pavement On Quad Bike Imprisoned For Four Years
Kurt Kilgour was on his quad bike when he mounted a pavement and inflicted fatal injuries on Margaret Meldrum, 75 years old. At the time of the incident Kilgour was under the influence of drink and drugs.  Kilgour failed to brake and take evasion after the fact. He had...
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Decline In Legal Aid Spending Highlights Problems Within The Sector
The Scottish Legal Aid Board’s annual report has uncovered that Legal aid spending has fallen from £130.9 million in 2020 to £99.1m in 2020-21.  The Law Society of Scotland has addressed the issues and highlighted that the decline suggests that a long-term funding...
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Two Life Prisoners Lose Challenge Against Prohibition of Making Inter-Prison Calls
The petitioners were convicted of murder in 2010 and were sentenced to life imprisonment at separate institutions. They were in a relationship and this relationship continued to their imprisonment.  In 2014, a petition was refused which challenged the decision to refuse...
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Recent Appeal Case Has Clarified The Criteria For Imposing a Lifelong Restriction of Liberty Order
A lifelong restriction of liberty order (OLR) is a lifelong sentence and if an OLR is imposed the individual will be placed on a risk management plan for life. Over the past 15 years around 200 OLRs have been imposed. For a judge to impose an OLR it is the risk that the...
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Man Convicted of Charges Related to Terrorism Imprisoned for Seven and a Half Years
Sam Imrie has been jailed after glorifying terrorist acts by mass murderers online and encouraging terrorism.  The 24-year-old posted onto Telegram and Facebook statements which glorified terrorism acts by terrorists Anders Breivik and Brenton Tarrant, amongst...
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Tories Seek to Protect Trial by Jury
Lord Advocate, Dorothy Bain QC, has recently claimed that trials without a jury ‘don’t impact on the right to a fair trial’. In discussing the use of juries Ms Bain said that ‘we need to look at the suitability of a jury to prosecute a case’.  This interview...
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