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Man Jailed For 10 Years For Attempted Murder

Mr Telford, who attempted to murder his colleague with a knife, has been jailed for a significant period of time. He had left his victim, Mr Thomas, having to have lifesaving surgery which resulted in the loss of one of his kidneys. Mr Telford stabbed his colleague 7 times after a work night out when they went back to get more alcohol in August in 2016. The Glasgow man was told Lord Uist:

“The attack which you carried out on Mr Thomas was both shocking and merciless and you have shown no remorse.” The defence counsel also told the court: “This is yet another case where caffeinated alcoholic drinks have been taken by young men and there have been consequences.” It was acknowledged that the intoxicated state of both men did result in the crime.

The pair fought, and Mr Thomas told the court that after the accused stabbed him he “tried to dive over the couch to get to the kitchen” and as he did he was “was getting stabbed in my back by Thomas.” The 21-year-old was found guilty of attempted murder and sentenced to 10 years by Edinburgh High Court for the brutal attack.

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