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Archive for December, 2020

High Court Determined That Man Cannot Pervert The Course Of Justice By Stating His Defence
The High Court has determined that the accused, Graham Turner, could not pervert the course of justice by simply stating his defence  to the charges. The accused had been charged with causing two deaths by dangerous driving. The accused stated that his defence was that...
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Procurator Fiscal Successfully Challenges Sheriff’s Decision To Abandon Trial
The Procurator Fiscal’s Office in Glasgow had lodged a Bill of Advocation challenging a Sheriff’s decision to refuse a motion to adjourn a trail to secure the attendance of a key crown witness which was successful in the Sheriff Appeal Court. The accused, Robert...
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Two Sentenced For Murder Following Knife Attack
Following the stabbing and subsequent death of Tracy Walker in Lerwick on the 30th of July 2019, Ross MacDougall and Dawn Smith had been charged with her murder. Jurors at Edinburgh High Court had subsequently found them guilty with evidence led that the pair had sought to...
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Prosecutors Set To Strike
The FDA trade union is set to ballot procurator fiscals for industrial action over a long running pay dispute which relates to solicitors at the crown office being paid less than those in the Scottish Government. The union has suggested that it is likely that its members...
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Number of Criminal Cases Concluding Increasing
The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service quarterly statistics demonstrate that for the last quarter there were four times more criminal cases being brought to a conclusion than that of the first quarter of the year. During the latest quarter a total of 15,643 criminal...
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Crown Office Employee Jailed for Embezzling Cash and Drugs
Katherine Vaughan was employed as a production keeper by the Crown Office. During the course of a nine year period in her employment Ms Vaughan embezzled £91,832.82 in cash and took £147,000 worth of drugs including heroine and cocaine. A collection of other items of...
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Justice Secretary Defends Campaigner Charged For Operating a Drugs Consumption Van
Mr Peter Krykant had set up a drugs consumption van in September 2020 providing addicts with sanitisers and clean needles.  He was then charged in October for obstruction under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf defended Mr Krykant in the...
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Man Who Left Firearm Out Of Gun Cabinet Has Sentence Reduced
Robert Riggs had appealed his sentence and conviction for having left his firearm in an unlocked room whilst he went on holiday contrary to section 1(2) of the Firearms Act 1968. Mr Riggs had been sentenced to pay a fine of £3,000 which his appeal argued that the Sheriff...
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