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Archive for April, 2020

Men Pled Guilty To Drug Charges At High Court
Two men have pled guilty to supply of drug charge after over 830,000 fake Valium pills were seized at address’ in the Renfrewshire and Glasgow areas. The street value of the pills would be over £400,000. The men pled guilty at the High Court in Glasgow and sentence...
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Man Arrested For Alleged Assaults
A man from Inverness has been arrested for the alleged assault on two paramedics by spitting on them. The man is due to appear at Inverness Sheriff Court. The Scottish Ambulance Service said stated: "Attacks on emergency responders are completely unacceptable, along with...
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Prisoner Dies From Covid-19
Mr Angus, who was serving a sentence at HMP Edinburgh has been the first prisoner in Scotland to pass away from COVID 19. The man was under a lifelong restriction order in relation to sexual offences committed by him. A number of prisoners, it has been reported, are having...
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Government Attempt To Suspend Jury Trials
The Scottish government when introducing the ‘Coronavirus bill’ has attempted to suspend jury for up to an 18-month period. The move would have seen the most serious cases at the High and Sheriff court that would require a jury proceed with just a single judge or...
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New Coronavirus Law Implemented
It has been reported in the first week of the coronavirus ’lockdown’ that a total of 25 fixed penalty notices have been issued by police in Scotland. It has now been made a criminal offence to be out without reasonable excuse. The fines start at £30 but double if they...
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Man Jailed for 15 year for Murdering his Wife 
Mr Farquharson has received a sentenced of 15 years imprisonment after being found guilty of murdering his wife at the High Court. The retired police officer was found guilty after trial. Lady Stacey stated when sentencing him: "You had been a police officer for many...
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