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Archive for March, 2020

Man Jailed for Culpable Homicide
Mr Phinn has received a five year prison sentence after being found guilty of culpable homicide after he stabbed a man 17 times after he broke in to his Easterhouse home. Mr Phinn has been sentenced at the High Court in Glasgow. Lord Matthews stated that "It is difficult to...
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There People Stabbed In West End
Three people have been assaulted and suffered stab wounds in Partick. All parties have been taken to hospital and are said to be in a serious condition. Police have appealed to anyone with any...
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Murder Accused Unfit To Stand Trial
Mr Marks has been deemed unfit to stand trial after he was accused of murdering his former partner. The murder was said to have occurred in 2019 in Bathgate. Lady Stacey after seeing reports for psychiatrists ruled that the accused was unfit to stand trial. This was...
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Megrahi’s Case To Be Submitted To The High Court
The Scottish Criminal Case review has referred the case of the Lockerbie Bomber back to the High Court. The basis of this is the late Mr al-Megrahi may not have been given a fair trial due to mainly evidence that was failed to be disclosed by the Crown. The conviction in...
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Increase In Sexual Offending Cases Continues
The Scottish Courts and Tribunal service has confirmed that the number of High Court indictments continues to be over 200 per quarter with this expected to continue to raise with the increase of sexual offences cases being reported. It has also been reported that each...
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Man Jailed For 10 Years For Rape
Mr Banks who was found guilty of rape after she was under the influence of drugs has received a 10 year prison sentence. He was placed on the sex offenders register indefinitely. Mr Banks in total was found guilty of 10 charges which related to three different women. He...
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Man Who Caused Death Of Another Man In Crash Jailed
Mr Durdle has received a three year prison sentence after being caught speeding while causing the death of a 20 year old man. He has also been banned from driving for 7 years. Mr Durdle pled guilty at the High Court in Edinburgh to causing death by dangerous driving. Lord...
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Man Found Guilty of Careless Driving Jailed
Mr Rachev caused the death of three of his passengers by careless driving after a trial at the High Court in Aberdeen. One further passenger was severely injured. He has now been sentenced to 11 months imprisonment and has received a driving ban of three years after he was...
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Woman Jailed For Attempted Murder
Ms McGhee has been sentenced to six years imprisonment for an attack on her sister as she stabbed her on numerous occasions. Ms McGhee had accepted her guilt when she pled guilty at the High Court in Glasgow to attempted murder. The complainer required surgery and was put...
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Sentencing Guidelines Could Be Set To Change
Research that has been carried out for the Scottish sentencing council has confirmed that brains of humans do not fully develop until 25 - 30 which could reflect future sentencing guidelines. The research which was undertaken by the University of Edinburgh was to look at...
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