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Archive for February, 2020

Taxi Driver Jailed For Rape
Mr Chowdhury has been sentenced to a six year period of imprisoned and placed on the sex offenders register indefinitely after been found guilty of rape at the High Court in Aberdeen last November. The complainer was drunk and did not consent to the conduct of the accused....
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Three Jailed For Edinburgh Murder
Mr McMillan, 20 along with two teenagers have received life sentences for murdering a Edinburgh pensioner. Mr McMillan was ordered to serve at least 18 years while the teenagers were ordered to served 17 years and 3 months and 17 year sentences. The victim who was in his...
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Diversion For Prosecution Cases Rise
DIVERSION FOR PROSECUTION CASES RISE A new report, ‘Criminal justice social work statistics in Scotland: 2018-19’ has confirmed that the number of cases that have been diverted from prosecution and dealt with in a different manner has risen in the last two years...
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Edinburgh Museums Targeted By Unknown Individual
The National Museum of Scotland is being investigated after glue was found on in the baby changing facilities. A child’s snowsuit became stuck to the changing facility and Police Scotland has confirmed glue was applied to different areas of the bathroom. Police Scotland...
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Man Arrested For Cumberland Shooting
A 23 year old has been arrested for a firearms offence due to a shooting that took place in Cumbernauld. Two people were injured and a dog was killed as a result of the offence. Police Scotland has confirmed the case is pending further...
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Man Appears In Court Charged With Murdering His Mother
Mr Flynn has appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court charged with murdering his mother 17 years ago. The woman’s remains were found in 2017 East Lothian but the case remained cold until now. Mr Flynn was previously tried for his mother’s murder in 2005 and was acquitted...
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Two Men Found Guilty Of Murdering Paisley Man
Mr Muir and Mr O’Donnell have been found guilty of killing a man by assaulting him in Paisley at the High Court in Glasgow. The victim died of a brain injury as a result of the assault that occurred in March 2019. Sentenced as deferred for reports until next month but...
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