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Archive for April, 2018

Port Glasgow Speeder Avoids Dangerous Driving Charge
Mr Moore, of Port Glasgow, stated in his defence to a dangerous driving charge that he believed that a drug dealer was chasing him to harm him. He drove 106mph in a 30mph zone but was found not guilty of dangerous driving. The car chasing him was in fact an unmarked...
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Bank Worker Embezzles From Customers
Mr Hamid a former employee of Santander bank has admitted helping to embezzling more than £50,000 from his customers. He took security information form customers and created fake accounts with this. Mr Hamid pled guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to embezzling...
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Glasgow Juror Jailed for 6 Years
Ms Leahly was a juror and spokesperson at a five-month long money laundering and drug trafficking trial. However, she took a bribe in which secured her almost £3,000 in payments. Lord Turnbull stated that sending a corrupt jury member to prison was the only option he had...
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Reoffending Rates Fall Dramatically in Scotland
Offenders in Scotland are now less likely than ever to reoffend. The number of people receiving second convictions, within a year time frame, has fallen to an eighteen year low. Reconviction rates have dropped by nineteen percent since 1998. The Justice Secretary...
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Former Celtic Boys Club Coach Charged With Sexual Abuse
Jim Torbett, who is seventy years old, is to stand trial charged with historic sexual abuse of six young boys. He is charged with 12 charges from January 1970 to August 1994. A number of locations are listed on the complaint including football parks and even in France and...
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A&E Consultant Has Been Jailed For 12 Years
Dr Martin Watt has been jailed for a 12 year term for fire arm offences following a trial at the High Court in Glasgow last month. The former consultant worked at Monklands Hospital in Airdrie but was let go in 2012 over disciplinary action. The consultant has...
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Two Men Arrested Over 1993 Ayr Murder
Two men have been arrested in connection with the death of Ansar Shah in Ayr in 1993. Another man, Mr Singh, was arrested previously for the crime and has appeared in Court charged with the murder. He pled not guilty. Ansar was attacked and this led to his death in a...
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Internet Played Large Role in Sex Crimes in 2017
A recent review of cybercrime estimates that the internet was used commit at least 20% of sexual crimes in Scotland over a year long period. In 2016/17, 51% of ‘other sexual crimes’ were cyber related. This is up from 38 % just three years previously. This is made...
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Life Sentence For Blind School Rapist
Mr Penman, 43, has been given a life sentence for the rapes of young boys and girls. The rapes occurred during the 1980s when he was a pupil at the Royal Blind School in Edinburgh. This followed a jury finding him guilty of 11 sexual offences last June. This followed...
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Football Act Repealed
This week, MSPs have voted to repeal Offensive Behaviour at Football Act, winning but only by 2 votes. The act has been covered by controversy since its beginnings. The Act was considered unnecessary as the police already has the powers to arrest people over the...
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