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Archive for March, 2018

Greenock Locals Arrested Over Murder
A 63 year old man was murdered near a Tesco Petrol station on Wednesday Night.  A 44 year old man and a woman have been arrested in connection with his murder. The investigation is still under way with most of Greenock’s main roads closed and a post-mortem...
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Pilot Alcohol Court Tried at Glasgow Sheriff Court
A trial alcohol court project is being established at Glasgow Sheriff Court. This will be a court specifically designed to deal with people convicted on summary complaint where alcohol has significantly contributed to their offending. The Court will be held by Sheriff...
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Age of Criminal Responsibility Increased
The age of criminal responsibility in Scotland is set to rise from 8 to 12, by new legalisation being drafted at the Scottish Parliament. This has come after a consultation whereby over 95 percent of people agreed with this proposal. This will bring Scotland in line with...
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Man Stabbed in Dumbarton Street
Three people were involved in a confrontation in High Street in Dumbarton where a man was stabbed. The 29 year old was treated in hospital for his wounds. The motive is currently unknown but police are checking the CCTV. Det Insp Fiona Macarthur said: "We know there was...
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Freed Child Rapist Attacked Two Women
A man has been threatened with a life sentence after attacking two woman shortly after his release from prison. Mr Anderson who is only 33 years of age raped 2 woman after previously  being incarcerated for raping a 13 old child. Anderson has insisting that he is...
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Scottish Stop and Search Numbers Fall
The use of stop and search in Scotland remains higher than in England despite the introduction of a new code, which was introduced as a result of concerns over the number of people being searched without legal basis. For the first six months of the new code there was a...
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Man Who Struck Thief With Vehicle Jailed
A man who rammed a 4x4 into a man to stop him stealing a mountain bike has been jailed for four years and banned from driving for 8 years. Gary McKnight pursued 22 year old John Rawding along a footpath and accelerated across a grass verge towards him. Mr Rawding admitted...
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