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Archive for July, 2015

Man Found Guilty of Murdering Brother-in-Law with Axe Hammer
Fifty-eight-year-old builder, Jimmy Smith, has been found guilty for the brutal murder of his brother-in-law, Alex Cameron. Smith claimed that his brother-in-law attacked him and threatened to shoot Helen Smith, his wife, who is also 58. For that reason, he insisted that...
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Police Carry Out Series of Raids in Dundee
Police are stepping up drug enforcement with a series of raids in Dundee. In early July, they had already made 15 arrests and confirmed that they’d seized several thousand pounds’ worth of cocaine, cannabis, amphetamine and heroine. The raids are part of the Operation...
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Clare’s Law to be Adopted Nationwide after Successful Trial
A disclosure scheme trialled in Ayrshire and Aberdeen is now being rolled out across the entire country. The scheme allows men and women to enquire with police regarding their partner’s violent past, in hopes of curtailing instances of domestic abuse. The scheme—which...
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Scotland’s Criminal Age of Responsibility ‘Woefully Outdated’
Liberal Democrat Alison McInnes has launched a bid to increase the age of criminal responsibility in Scotland. At present, the age is set at eight years old, which McInnes describes as “woefully outdated”. She would like to see the age increased to 12. As part of this...
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Scottish Motorists Face Fines for Pavement Parking
The introduction of a long-awaited bill that would hand legal rights of pavements to pedestrians has been welcomed by campaigners, but there is concern that councils have not provided motorists with alternative parking spaces in areas affected by high levels of vehicle...
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Celtic Calls for Repeal of Sections of Anti-Sectarian Football Law
Celtic has called for the repeal of the controversial new law that aims to stamp out sectarian abuse at Scottish football matches on the grounds that it is “fundamentally illiberal and unnecessarily restricts freedom of expression.” Thousands of people have so far...
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Automatic Release Plans Further Weakened by MSP Amendments
The Scottish Government’s pledge to end automatic release of prisoners seems to have been set back by an amendment to the proposals forwarded by an MSP. The Government has been pushing for an end to the system that sees many criminals released from prison early and would...
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