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Archive for April, 2014

Lanarkshire Police Chief Highlight Success In Past Year
Since the creation of the single Scottish police force a year ago, Lanarkshire has made significant progress in driving down crime rates. According to Chief Superintendent Nelson Telfer, divisional commander for Lanarkshire, local police officers have performed above...
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Number Of Scottish Female Prisoners More Than Doubles Since 2000
It has been two years since the release of a report calling for a significant reduction in the population of female prisoners in Scotland. The review, led by Dame Elish Angiolini, Scotland's previous Lord Advocate, is known as the Commission on Women Offenders. Conducted...
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Traffic Cops Accused Of Targeting Home Movers
It is considered an offence under Scottish law to own a driving licence with incorrect details. Within nine months of Police Scotland's creation, the number of people caught in breach of this law rocketed from 408 to 1,645 – a staggering increase over the past 12 months...
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Government Considers Introduction Of Child Death Reviews
Illness, accidents, suicide and assaults lead to the death of about 500 children in Scotland every year. This fatality rate is higher compared to other European countries and the government is therefore considering the introduction of special reviews into each death, as...
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Scotland’s Chief Law Officer Calls For Legislation Regarding Revenge Porn
Frank Mulholland QC, Scotland's most senior law officer, is calling for the introduction of specific laws to deal with people posting "revenge porn" online. While the country does have legislation allowing these people to be held accountable for their actions, the problem...
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Renfrewshire Hails Strong Progress In Reduction Of Offensive Weapon Crimes
Renfrewshire has become the latest council area in Scotland to report on the benefits of the "No Knives Better Lives" campaign. Since the launch of the initiative in 2010, Renfrewshire has recorded a 43% drop in offensive weapons crime, Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill...
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Edinburgh Residents Want Local Policing To Prioritise Break-Ins & Anti-Social Behaviour
According to Edinburgh residents, Police Scotland need to prioritise housebreakings and antisocial behaviour as matters of urgency in the Local Policing Plan. This was established through a survey involving over 6,000 local residents, making it the biggest policing-related...
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Scottish Forensic Scientist Argues Case For Blunt-Tipped Knives
Dr John Crichton is appealing for the more wide-spread production and sale of blunt-tipped knives in a bid to reduce Scottish homicide rates. Knives are known as the most commonly used murder weapon. The Scottish forensic scientist is best known as one of the key witnesses...
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Committee Questions Possible Scrapping Of Automatic Early Release
The Scottish government is looking to introduce legislation to end inmates' rights to automatic early release. Whilst broadly supported by MSPs, the plan has raised concerns that only a fraction of the prisoner population will be affected by the change; Holyrood's Justice...
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Highland & Islands Police Head Hails Progress Of Police Scotland
As Police Scotland celebrates its first anniversary this week, figures continue to surface detailing the progress made since the creation of the force last April. Chief Superintendent Julian Innes, divisional commander for the Highlands and Islands, expressed great...
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