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Former Police Officer Jailed For 14 Years
Mr Cunningham, a former police officer, who was found guilty of sexually abusing three women has been jailed for 14 years.  A trial took place at the High Court in Glasgow where Mr Cunningham was found guilty. Lord Armstrong described Cunningham as "controlling and...
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Trials Being Adjourned Decreases
The number of Trials held in the High Court being adjourned due to lack of court time has decreased. The Scottish Courts and Tribunal Service states that now only 0.9 percent of High Court Trials have been adjourned for this reason this year,  compared to 2.2 percent...
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Prosecutors Apologise To Victim
Ms Tigwell has received an apology from the Crown Office after her ex partner did not stand trial after allegedly sending explicit pictures of her. This was due to an error by the Crown. Ms Tigwell’s ex partner pled not guilty to the charges but the case did not stand...
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Woman Critical After Hit and Run
A 54-year-old man is in a critical condition after a hit-and-run crash involving a stolen car in East Dunbartonshire. Two men who crashed into the man’s car in a Mazda MX-5 ran off after the incident and have not been located by the Police. An elderly woman, also in...
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Former Teacher Jailed For 10 Years
Mr Toner, who was a former teacher at a boarding school in Largs, has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for grooming and abusing children at the school. He has also been placed on the sex offenders register and has to be monitored for two years after his release....
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Scottish Sentencing Council Concerns Over New Guidelines
The Scottish sentencing council have voiced that there will be a considerable impact if sentencing guidelines are being introduced that have not properly been tested in Scotland. This comment was made as there is a motion for a debate regarding this matter in Parliament...
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Surgeon Admits Attempting To Indecently Communicating With A Child
A former urology consultant admitted sending graphic pictures and messages to an undercover police officer he believed was a 14 year old child and also admitted to attempting to meet the child to engage in unlawful sexual behaviour. Mr Crooks, after entering his guilty...
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Level Of Sectarianism In Scotland At All Time High
Deputy Chief Constable Mr Kerr has voiced how he is very surprised by the increasing levels of sectarianism in Scottish football after he joined Police Scotland six months ago, after working in Northern Ireland as an officer for 30 years. Mr Kerr has also voiced the...
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Death Of Woman Who Fell Treated As Suspicious
A woman who fell to her death from 11 floors from a block of flats is having her death treated as suspicious by police. The incident happened last week in the Royston area of Glasgow. The woman was taken to hospital but immediately pronounced dead. A postmortem...
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Cannabis Users Avoid Prosecution In Scotland
It has come to light by ‘the Times’ that approximately 500 people per month in Scotland are not being prosecuted for being caught with cannabis. There has been criticism of the police for using a soft approach but Police Scotland have stated there are benefits of...
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