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Large Drop in Prosecutions for Possession of Cannabis Seen Across the UK
Research from the UK Parliament statistics bureau has shown a significant decrease in prosecutions for cannabis possession over the past decade. According to figures obtained from the House of Commons library, such prosecutions have decreased from 160,733 in 2010 to...
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A Growing Problem: Scotland’s Overcrowded Prisons
Scotland has one of the worst rates of overcrowded prisons in Western Europe, according to a new continent-wide survey. The study, carried out by the Council of Europe, showed that Scotland currently has a rate of 104.3 inmates per 100 prison places. This stands high...
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Criminal Court Restrictions To Be Eased In April
Lord Carloway has announced a ‘cautious and incremental easing’ of current criminal court restrictions, starting from 19 th April. Summary cases in the Sheriff Court will restart again, restricted to three trials per day with two backups. He also announced that...
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Woman Who Stole Over £250,000 From Company Sentenced To 20 Months Imprisonment
Kathleen Ross who worked for an accountancy business who handled the finances for Campbell McWilliams – a communications company – pled guilty to embezzling £253,966 between February 2014 and July 2018 from the company. Ms Ross had stated that she had been...
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Appeal on Behalf of Six Men Convicted of Conspiracy to Murder Rejected
The Court of the Justiciary in Glasgow has refused a joint appeal against the convictions of six men convicted of conspiring to murder, on the basis that the trial judge had failed to investigate allegations of jury bias. The six men were convicted after a lengthy trial...
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New Hate Crime Bill Clears Final Hurdle in Scottish Parliament
The controversial Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill 2021 has been passed by the Scottish Parliament, despite widespread criticism and fears that it could impact freedom of expression and lead to “frivolous complaints”, according to former MP Jim...
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Appeal Against Conviction of Failing to Report an Accident Fails
Marcus Wishart was convicted of failing to stop and report an accident under the Road Traffic Accident in Kirkaldy Justice of the Peace Court. It was claimed that he had hit another vehicle in a leisure centre car park while trying to park his own vehicle. Mr Wishart did...
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Man Sentenced To 6 Months Imprisonment Following Attack On 14 Year Old
Ross Platt aged 44, who had 15 previous convictions for violent offences, pled guilty to assaulting a 14 year old girl and was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment in addition to serving the unexpired portion of a previous conviction following his release on licence. It...
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Man Jailed For Murder
Dean Write had ran over a teenager whilst under the influence of alcohol and drugs. He was found guilty of the murder of Liam Hendry who was 18 at the time on the 29th of September 2019. At trial the court heard how Mr Wright had driven a van at Mr Hendry and three others...
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Judicial Review Of Decision Not To Move Prisoner To Lower Security Prison Refused
William Beggs, who is serving a life sentence in HMP Edinburgh, sought to challenge the decision of the prison authorities not progress him through the route to parole by moving him to a lower security prison has had his case refused. William Beggs punishment element of...
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